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February 17, 2011
The crew of tanker “NS Century” owned by Novoship is reported by the Press Service of the shipping company to have defeated the armed attack in Indian Ocean.Sovcomflot tanker defeats armed attack in Indian Ocean

December 14, 2010
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October 12, 2010
“It is feasible to develop high-technology relying on domestic resources!”Interview with Lev S. Lazarev, Director General of “Muromsky Radiozavod

Shipboard Machinery and Facilities – a brief overview

Shipboard machinery is constantly exposed to vibration and seawater adversely affecting its functioning. Electronic and mechanic component failure during ship operation may result in significant loss of time and money as well as jeopardize the safety of the crew. Therefore, reliability, matching maintenance engineering parameters, and quality of used materials are the determining factors for the shipboard machinery and facilities.

The most of the Russian fleet ships are outdated, and their equipment worked about 20-30 years which was enough time for it to become obsolete and deteriorated. In this connection, the frequency of contingencies has increased recently, and their consequences can be very serious: i.e. collision of ships, damage of building structures installed in the coastal area, etc.

Besides, shipboard equipment and facility failures result in downtime which is extremely unprofitable for the ship-owner; in case of an inland waterway craft, one idle hour costs hundreds of thousand rubles, not to mention equipment repair costs.

Many Russian shipping companies are aware of the need for retrofitting the fleet and equipping shipboards with newer and safer equipment and facilities; however, not each company actually performs comprehensive replacement. Some ship owners prefer to close gaps related to problem ships in order to maximize their profits with the minimum of investments, and spend money on the ship retrofitting and purchase of new facilities only in case of urgent need.

The global economic crisis has also had adverse impact on the retrofit process, making most of the ship owners put off contracting the delivery of new equipment until better times.


When selecting materials for various systems and onboard equipment (accommodation and ship ladders, handrails and stairways, cast fenders, pipes, ducts, drains, etc), fiber glass reinforced plastics is preferred. This material is also used to manufacture bottom fitting units and submarine collecting pipes which must meet high corrosion and shock resistance standards.

With that, the world economic downturn calls for the application of innovative engineering and technical solutions. MARPOL 73/78 having come into force, seagoing vessels started being equipped with automated compact separation units for sewage and oily water treatment.

For ballast water treatment, the unique non-chemical plant was designed.


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