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Ship power plants, systems and electrical facilities

In Ship Power Plants, Systems and Electrical Facilities section, the information is provided on Forum participants engaged in production of power plants, propulsion systems and components as well as electrical facilities for different purpose vessels, news and news stories as well as a brief overview of this equipment. Go to the necessary subsection, please.

Ship power supply system consists of ship power plant and auxiliary systems. In accordance with the most popular classification, power plants can be classified by source of energy (diesel, nuclear, etc) or operational principle (steam, turbine, etc).

The most commonly encountered type is diesel power plant. It is used at 90% of ships. In addition to high power, it has relatively small dimensions which is very important in the sea. Other plants (gas and steam turbine or nuclear plant) also have their own strong points and are used at various ships. Altogether, selection of optimum ship power plant depends on type, dimensions, proposed characteristics and conditions of operation of a vessel.

Scientists permanently improve existing engines and design new ones. As in other fields of activities, the issue of alternative energy sources is of current interest. Besides, they work on waste quantity reduction and enhancement of accumulator use.

Ship power plants

Ship power plants In this section, you can find information on Marine Industry of Russia Forum participants engaged in ship power plants. Usually steam engines, steam- and gas-driven turbines as well as internal combustion engines (basically diesel-driven) are used as ship power plants. Atomic power plants are used at large and powerful special-purpose vessels, for example, at icebreakers. More information…

Marine engines and propulsion systems

Marine engines and  propulsion systems In this section, the information is provided on manufacturers and suppliers of marine engines and propulsion devices. Marine engines differ in long life, reversibility, onboard maintainability, and no severe weight and space limitations. Hydraulic jets, paddle wheels, propeller screws (including Kort nozzle ones) and rotating blade propellers are used as propulsion devices. More information…

Ship electrical facilities

Ship electrical facilities In this sections, the information is provided on Marine Industry of Russia Forum participants engaged in ship electrical facilities: electric generators, cable passages, terminal boxes, etc. More information…

Propulsion systems and components

Propulsion systems and components A propulsion system is an executive element of the main power plant consisting of propulsion devices, shaft lines, main marine gears and main propelling engines. In this section, the information is provided on companies engaged in manufacturing such systems and their components. More information…

Ship Power Plants, Systems and Electrical Facilities – a brief overview

Ship power plant (SPP) consists of main propulsion plant driving the vessel and auxiliary plants ensuring power, steam and desalinated water supply. SPP is a complex of main and auxiliary engines, sources of energy, various mechanisms and systems. More information…

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