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Shipboard machinery and facilities

In Shipboard Machinery and Facilities section, the information is provided on Forum participants engaged in production and supply of bilge, sanitary, ballasting, fire, cargo handling and other systems for various vessels, news and news stories as well as a brief overview of this equipment. Go to the necessary subsection, please.

Shipboard machinery and facilities change along with the shipbuilding industry. Metal is replaced with glass-fiber reinforced laminate. It meets the strict requirements for sea water insensitivity and operation during vibration. The replacement cannot be done thoughtlessly, since units of handling equipment are to stay service-strong even under very low temperatures which is impossible when plastic components are used.

Repair technologies for shipboard machinery are developing, too. Unfortunately, lack of financing leads to the situation when old constructions are repaired even if full retrofit is necessary.

Technology develops not only in the direction of material cheapening but of raise of environmental friendliness and safety, too. Ballast water treatment systems are being designed which do not use harmful agents. Liquid waste and oily water treatment systems are introduced.

General purpose shipboard equipment: bilge, sanitary, ballast, fire-fighting etc.

General purpose shipboard equipment In this section, the information is provided on Forum participants engaged in supply and manufacture of various life support systems. These are bilge systems, including all pumps, pipe lines, ballasting, dewatering and other systems as well as fire prevention and fighting devices, sanitary equipment, etc. More information…

Deck equipment and facilities

Deck equipment and facilities Deck equipment includes ropes, rope winches, various purpose nets, davits, bulwarks, stands, hooks, holders and carriers, as well as many other appliances. It is selected on the basis of ship intended use, operating conditions and even skipper requests. In this section, you can find information on potential partners engaged in supply or manufacture of such equipment. More information…

Cargo lifting and handling equipment

Cargo lifting and handling equipment In this section, the information is provided on exhibition participants engaged in supply and installation cranes for coastal guard vessels, auxiliary, research, cruise, fishery, rescue vessels, tugs, barges, drilling platforms, icebreakers, lighthouse tenders, navy crafts, piers, etc. More information…

Shipboard Machinery and Facilities – a brief overview

Shipboard machinery is constantly exposed to vibration and seawater adversely affecting its functioning. Electronic and mechanic component failure during ship operation may result in significant loss of time and money as well as jeopardize the safety of the crew. Therefore, reliability, matching maintenance engineering parameters, and quality of used materials are the determining factors for the shipboard machinery and facilities. More information…

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