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Ship navigation, control and communication systems

In Ship Navigation, Control and Communication Systems section, you can find detailed information on Forum participants engaged in manufacturing and supplying integrated navigation systems, radar installations and other facilities of this type. Also, Forum news and news stories as well as a brief overview of operation of navigation and communication system of various types are given here. For receiving information select necessary subsection.

Ship control is one of the top targets during the cruise. Sometimes oars were used to this end, and stars helped to navigate. Later, the steering wheel and sails came and pilot and navigation charts were used for determination of the location and setting the course. However, all achievements of the past cannot compare themselves with modern navigation and control systems.

Ship control system with automates ensure life support of a vessel. Navigation complex became more complicated, modern and fully automated. Radar installations ensure safe navigation even in the low visibility conditions. Up-to-date optics are represented not only by binocs and spyglasses but even by direction and position finders, and other equipment.

Navigation systems explode. Navigation charts are in electronic format. Nearly in all spheres of our life (not only in navigation) satellite systems are used (GPS, GLONASS). Global Marine and Safety System (GMDSS) has become an accepted standard.

Ship automatic machinery and management systems

Ship automatic machinery and management systems In this section, the information is provided on companies engaged in supply of ship automatic machinery and management systems. Ship automatic machinery set consists of ship energy supply, ship damage and support equipment, ship plant control systems as well as valves, detectors, rotation controller, etc. More information…

Navigation systems

Навигационные системы In this section, the information is provided on suppliers and manufacturers of navigation systems. Earlier seafarers oriented by stars (which, in essence, were the first navigation system) and nowadays they can benefit from underwater acoustic projectors, navigation satellites, ground-based radio stations and onboard navigation aids.

Communication equipment

Communication equipment In this section, the information is provided on Forum participants engaged in supply and installation of marine communication systems: sat-phones, Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS), broadcast equipment, etc. More information…


Optics In this section, the information is provided on companies engaged in developing, manufacturing and supplying various optical devices used onboard: from complex modern systems, optical range-finders to well known distance measuring equipment, periscopes, stereo telescopes and binoculars. More information…

Ship Navigation, Control and Communication Systems – a brief overview

The main task of navigation is accident-free and optimum run of a vessel between stated points of a certain water area. With account of ships’ safety, it can be realized as follows. More information…

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