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V International forum
“Marine Industry of Russia”
Moscow, “Gostiny Dvor”
Exhibition Hall,
19-21 May 2015

Time left till opening of the Forum:

45 days 0 hours 51 minute

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The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation FGU «Rostransmodernizatsiya»

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Personal Cabinet

Personal Cabinet is used by each Forum Participant for preparing information posted at the website and that provided in the official catalogue of the Forum. This function allows you to edit your data as it changes and is useful for preventing mistakes. And, most important, you can use our information resources free of charge and to the maximum extent possible.

Via Personal Cabinet you can post the following information:

  • Your company profile;
  • Data sheets on equipment and services (it facilitates finding you by your potential partners)
  • Information on new equipment and technologies (so everybody can find out about your innovations).

Enter your Personal Cabinet using appropriate login and password

Enter your Personal Cabinet using appropriate login and password

After you enter your login and password, you will be transferred to your Personal Menu where you can change necessary information in English and Russian.

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