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Tenders related to Ship Power Plants, Systems and Electrical Facilities

Contractor selection for conclusion of a state contract for repair of the electric system of the ship and launcher park

August 23, 2010

Open tender for the right to conclude a state contract for factory repair of the power plant and ancillary equipment of the sea-going vessel

July 29, 2010

Start-up works at automatic control system of main engines (6 pcs, for Goll-type launches)

July 21, 2010

Thorough repair of ship engines

July 21, 2010

Thorough repair of ship engines

July 09, 2010

Open tender #58/10 for the right to conclude a state contract for delivery of a driving gear assembled for a right-hand engine м417а-м3

June 30, 2010

Delivery of the main diesel engine

June 25, 2010

Delivery of ship borne geared diesel engines

June 24, 2010

Delivery of ship engines and diesel-generating sets

June 11, 2010

SPTA delivery for an engine Sulzer 6 AL 20/24 for the training sailing boat Pallada

May 14, 2010

Carrying out interim repair of ship engines 6ч 12/14

May 12, 2010

Ship engine 3д6с2 with reverse gear or it equivalent (new, not used)

May 06, 2010

Repair of the engine 6чнсп 18/22 of the motor-ship "Nauka"

May 05, 2010

Open tender announced. Subject: #13 - purchase of ship engines 6нвд 48а-2у certified by the Russian River Register

April 30, 2010

Thorough repair of ship engines

April 29, 2010

Purchase of rudder-engines in the 2 quarter of 2010

April 19, 2010

Engine delivery for Konrad-46 yacht

April 19, 2010

Purchase of shipboard diesel generators

April 19, 2010

Delivery of ship engines, auxiliary machinery, automatics systems for import ships and components

April 12, 2010

Technical support service for ship engines

April 09, 2010


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