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“Marine Industry of Russia”
Moscow, “Gostiny Dvor”
Exhibition Hall,
19-21 May 2015

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The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation FGU «Rostransmodernizatsiya»

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 The first Moscow Marine Exhibition The first Moscow Marine Exhibition was held over 100 years ago by The Moscow Bureau of The Fleet Renovation League. It continued for 67 days — from July 12th till September 16th, 1908 and was attended by more than 60 hundred people.

The major part of the display including the lecture room was located in Manege building. The Exhibition included a number of slide lectures on various subjects of marine history and latest episodes of the sea war, shipbuilding and sailing, merchant fleet and water communications, air navigation.

The Exhibition experts’ commission gave 300 awards (medals, diplomas, references of honour, badges of honour etc.)

The major part of the display including the lecture room was located in Manege building The main objective of the Exhibition was to clear up the situation in the marine industry and interlinked industries. That undoubtedly had great importance as for the current moment and for the future of Russia.

Head of the Marine Exhibition Committee said at the Exhibition opening on July 12th, 1908:«I find it appropriate to comment on the spoken bewilderment: Why The Marine Exhibition is being held in the overland area of the city of Moscow? That is because in this particular city various state interests cross over. This special place will help to make people familiar meet with their marine industry.

Besides, it was long ago noted that those social undertakings in Russia, that have been approved and supported by Moscow, enjoy the continuing success».


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