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More on shipboard equipment and facilities

Shipboard machinery and facilities are integral parts of any ship. They include:

  • Ropes, wire ropes and chains;
  • Various winches;
  • Cranes (hydraulic deck, hose, telpher, etc);
  • Ladders;
  • Manhole plates;
  • Flags and pennants, signal beacons;
  • Emergency boats;
  • Lighting equipment;
  • Anchors and anchor handling gears;
  • Compression chambers;
  • Glass-ports;
  • Bulwarks, pulpits, handrails, puppets, hooks, holders, etc.

There are several standards for equipment of this class. For example, GOST 760-74, GOST 761-74, GOST 766-74, GOST 8497-78 for anchors, GOST R 52694-2006 and GOST R 52695-2006 for glass-ports, etc.

Generally, shipboard equipment is selected basing on vessel use, its operation conditions and skipper’s wishes. There are also other factors. Thus, in case of misbegotten equipment change for more up-to-date and, on the first sights, more effective one, there is a risk of maloperation. For example, when replacing traditional Dacron sails of a sailing yacht with sails made of more secure (but less elastic) materials, the load on sails, equipment and hull grows.

From the end of 50’s of the XX century, the leading marine powers (including USSR) began to design of vessels on special projects. New ship classes arose, for example research ships. In accordance with dictates of the time, shipboard equipment also changed.

Ropes, wire ropes and chains

When selecting ropes, the most important features are construction, material, diameter, durability, wear resistance, UV tolerance and some other. When selecting a diameter of a rope for mooring and anchoring, ship length is to be taken into account. Mooring and anchor rope are to withstand load of tidal, stream and wind.

When selecting size and type of wire ropes and chains, ship class and its deadweight are to be taken into account. Correct selection of construction and diameter of a wire rope in accordance with its operation conditions, as well as good end restraint and relevant unit construction are definite for a safe operation of a vessel. Wire rope construction determines its flexibility, and, the last determines dimensions and weigh of units and drums.


Winches are very important part of the shipboard equipment. They are used for onboard safety ensuring and for providing effectiveness of onboard automation. Today, ladder, cable, rope cable, dandy, hawser, sheet, anchor winches, etc.


Shipboard equipment may comprise cranes of various capacity, maximum hook height, boom reach and other parameters. At various ships, hydraulic deck and hose, electro- and hydraulic telpher, provision and other cranes are used.

Lighting equipment

Various ships are equipped with navigation lights, searchlights, daily signalling lamps, flood lights, fluorescent and brass lamps. The power and parameters of any illumination tool can vary depending on the type and size of a ship.


Selection of anchors and relative equipment is based on the displacement tonnage of a vessel, its type and mud line type. In some cases, various anchors of different constructions are used, since not all anchors are equally effective in various conditions.

One of the widespread types is a common anchor. It differs in versatility concerning all types of mud line. However, its holding power can be less than that of other constructions.

A Hall’s anchor is pull-in and equipped with turning flukes. This is a basic type of a bow anchor for navy ships. However, its holding power is relatively low, it can become stuck when being raised and thrust hull plating.
A Matrosov’s anchor has increased holding power and is the general type of a slewing anchor for navy ships and of a bow anchor for small ships and boats. 3 types of this anchor are manufactured: cast, welded and boat welded.

Special anchors (one-, four-fluke and ice) and anchors of increased holding power (Danford’s, Bruce’s and Attwood’s) are also used.

Situation in Russia

The total number of shipboard equipment manufacturers represented at the Russian market is about one hundred and fifty and the third part of them are Russian companies.

Many manufacturers are from the Nordic countries, Italy, Great Britain and others. There, traditions of seamanship are strong and experience of shipbuilding and manufacturing of tacking and equipment has a centuries-old history. Of course, access to sea and availability of enough ports and yards are also important which speaks well for marine powers.

The manufacturers most aggressively promoting their production come from the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Netherlands, Italy, Grain Britain, Turkey, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Finland, USA, Australia and others.

In Russia, considerable number of shipboard equipment and facilities producers are located in the immediate proximity from sea and river ports.

Not only large enterprises are presented at the market, but also small private companies specializing in some kinds of shipboard equipment and facilities. The majority of medium and small private companies occupies the sector of yacht, boat and motor boat equipment.


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